Bankhead Car Rally...

Stopped in C-City Sunday

Over 20 vintage automobiles traveling the old Bankhead Hwy. route made a pit stop in downtown Colorado City Sunday afternoon. Citizens and drivers enjoyed lemonade and cookies.

CIA receives donation

TDCJ, community gives generously

Christmas in Action received over $9,000 from TDCJ employees who held several fundraisers that were well-supported by local individuals and businesses, making the donation possible.

Lady Wolves remain unbeaten!

District Champions!

The varsity softball team will face Grape Creek in the bi-district round of the playoffs Thursday at 6:30 in Ballinger. 

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  • The Colorado City Lions Club heard from a fellow Lion last Friday, as Chris Maxwell from the Sweetwater Lions Club came to talk about the Welch Allyn Spot Screener and offer local Lions a chance to serve their community.Protecting and providing better sight is one of the Lions Club’s top priorities, and the Sweetwater club has invested in a vision screening machine. Maxwell said his club is willin...
  • LOOKING TO THE FUTURE- Talyn Messick, a senior at Colorado High School, signed with Coach Don Ed Eddleman from Cisco Jr. College, to be a member of the rodeo team.  Cisco Jr. College is part of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIR A), competing in the rodeo region with other schools like Texas Tech, Sul Ross, Tarleton, WTC, and WT of A&M.  Messick will compete in Barre...
  • The RIOT Basketball Tournament was held on April 16th, and it was such a success that organizers are considering holding a second tournament in 2016. All proceeds from the tournament go to support RIOT United Pentecostal Youth activities, such as camp costs.There were 11 teams that signed up to play in the tournament that was for those 16 years and older. In all there were 96 basketball players fr...
  • April the 5th started out like most days for Gary Rich, with work to do. But all that was about to change for the man, as he encountered a rattlesnake that got the better of his right leg. Fortunately, Rich is ok and making a nice recovery. The story of his rattlesnake “adventure” follows.In an interview, Rich said that he was out on his place in the eastern part of the county near Loraine checkin...

Rich recovering from snake bite

snake biteApril the 5th started out like most days for Gary Rich, with work to do. But all that was about to change for the man, as he encountered a rattlesnake that got the better of his right leg. Fortunately, Rich is ok and making a nice recovery. The story of his rattlesnake “adventure” follows.
In an interview, Rich said that he was out on his place in the eastern part of the county near Loraine checking fence in preparation for bringing sheep on the property. He said he was walking in pretty high grass and made the decision to turn around and go get in his pickup, as rattlesnakes have been on the move lately.
“I turned and took three steps back down the exact same trail, and he got me,” Rich said.
The snake, which was estimated to be about six feet in length, struck and bit Rich on the calf of his right leg. Incidentally, the right leg was just starting to get good and recuperated from knee replacement surgery that Rich had undergone just six months before.
The rancher said he thinks he may have stepped on the snake just a few seconds before turning around, as the rattler was coiled up and ready to strike.
As Rich began to realize what had happened, he began yelling for his wife, Belinda, who was up in the house. At first she couldn’t hear him, but soon she came running. A neighbor, Joann Long, also came to help, providing two big blocks of ice to put on the bite.
Rich said he thought the bite would be immediately painful, but it wasn’t. He said the first thing he felt after the bite was an immense burning sensation. “It felt like somebody had a blow torch burning up my leg,” he said.
A call was placed to 9-1-1, but because of Rich’s geographical location at the time, the call went to Nolan County 9-1-1. After being patched through, personnel at Mitchell County Hospital were notified that a rattlesnake bite victim was being transported their way, and he arrived there about 15 minutes later.
As soon as Rich arrived, IVs were started and nurses began monitoring the swelling of his leg. He said that the burning sensation quickly turned into an extreme itching sensation.
“I can honestly say that I didn’t experience actual pain for about two and a half hours after I got bit,” Rich said.
But the itching and burning didn’t last, and the pain set in just as the helicopter that transported him to University Medical Center in Lubbock landed. Rich described the pain associated with the snake bite as severe and unbearable, but he was surprised that it didn’t begin sooner.
Upon his arrival at UMC, Rich was admitted directly into the ICU Burn Unit of the hospital. Hospital personnel expressed their relief that the wound was a bite from an adult snake, as young rattlers have yet to learn to control venom and often put out a bigger dose of it than adult rattlers.
Rich said that hospital personnel gave him 16 vials of antivenin to combat the effects of the snake venom. While he was in the Lubbock hospital, he said he told nurses that he felt like something weird was happening and it was at that time that he began to lose his eyesight as part of the effects of the venom attacking his neurological system.
Apparently such symptoms are common in people who have sustained a rattlesnake bite. Doctors told Rich that the venom works through the body in such a way that it makes the bite victim’s abdomen swell. The poison has to be filtered through the liver and makes its exit through the body’s kidneys to remove it from the body completely.
Rich spent two and a half days in the hospital in Lubbock before being released to return home for more recuperation. The leg still swells during the day and tends to go down at night, but he’s getting better.
Along with all the pain, swelling and discoloration, the Mitchell County citizen also developed a rash around the bite site. Doctors said the rash was a cellulous infection from the bacteria in the snake’s mouth. The rash cleared up after Rich took a round of high-powered anitbiotics.
Rich said the snake never rattled, not before or after biting him. “I’ve been around snakes for 56 years. I’ve handled them and everything, but I didn’t think I would ever get bit,” he said. “I don’t want to experience it again.”
Now, the rancher has snake boots. “I wear them everywhere I go now,” he said, suggesting that people, even ones that live in town, should be on the lookout for rattlesnakes.
Rich also has another piece of advice for citizens here. “Everybody needs that helicopter insurance,” he advised. He and his wife have been enrolled for years, and it saved him over $50,000 in just this one instance.

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